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Bible and Holiday Dinner

It’s Thanksgiving Time Already!

Last week, a little past mid-September, with temperatures in the triple digits here in sunny Southern California I saw a lighted snowman and Christmas decorations while I raced through the aisle at my local Costco store. It still felt like summer outside, fall had yet to begin and we have Christmas decorations in the store! […]


What is your focus?

Ever heard the expressions, “Avoid it like the plague” or “Wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole” or “Feed with a long handle spoon”? If you have, you know exactly what people mean when they say those phrases. If you haven’t, think of the least desired person, place, or object being part of your life […]

Red Tulips


When you think of friendship what comes to mind? Think about it for a moment. What comes to mind? Do you remember your childhood? Do your thoughts go to high school? Do you think about the past couple of weeks when you were able to spend some time with a friend? For me sometimes I […]