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Which box are you inside?

Creative, funny, thinker, clown, reliable, risk taker, spend thrift, or reckless. We are all inside a labeled box. It may have one name on it at work, another around the house, another in the neighborhood and yet another when you are around friends. Anyone of us can find ourselves in a narrow one-dimensional category of […]



I believe one of the greatest gifts we have as human beings is choice. We are not robots forced to take a certain path. We are not formed on an assembly line of identical parts put together to mimic the models made before us, and to be the same as those that will follow. We […]



Unless you have been on a deserted island for the past several weeks you are well aware of the final voyage of the Space Shuttle Endeavour. Living in the area where the shuttle conducted its recent flyover, and within 10 minutes of both the Los Angeles International Airport, and the California Science Center, Endeavour has […]

Mac vs. PC

MAC vs. PC

Do you prefer a Macintosh or a Personal Computer, an iPad or a Kindle Fire? If I asked that question on a high school campus, in an office building or on the street I would get answers. If I asked it among a group at a coffee shop, at a supermarket, on the beach, at […]