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Practice Makes Perfect

Perfect or Perfecting?

So how was your Thanksgiving? Did you hold to the same traditions of the past? Did you experience the same kinds of things you did at this time last year? Did you do something different? Reflect on the day. Whether you were with a large group or alone, think about what went well. What did […]



Since 1968 the fourth Monday in October has been deemed Veterans Day. Earlier in 1954 President Eisenhower signed a bill recognizing November 11th as Veterans Day. National observances of that day were also decreed at that time. The eleventh of November coincides with the commemoration of the ending of World War I.  After virtually the […]


Your Choice Continues

Well, not quite there is still time. When the final results of the election are announced will you react or will you respond? I can almost wager that every vote you cast, whether for a candidate or proposal will not result in the outcome you favored. I am an absentee voter and have already mailed […]