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Looking Ahead to 2013…

As we enter the final hours of 2012 what are your thoughts? What are you looking forward to in the New Year? Have you had a chance to give it any thought? Have you gotten caught up in the matters at hand to a point where you are yet to come up for air to […]


We are in that season, are you ready?

They were wrong! Whoever determined that the Mayan calendar indicated that the world would end in a fiery display on December 21, 2012 was wrong. The fact that you are reading this now is clear evidence! I intend no ill will against the Mayan calendar makers, their descendants or those whose incorrect interpretations caused them […]

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Are you feeling a little overwhelmed these days? There is the end of the year frenzy of activity that we are familiar with and then there is the unexpected, uncertainty created by random acts of violence, which are very present for all of us today. Are you getting inundated by emails and in your mailbox […]

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What do you do when someone “rubs you the wrong way”? When you are “minding your own business” and someone comes along and makes an offensive remark how do you respond? Recently I was watching a comedy drama that I enjoy called “Monk”. The television series, now available in syndication ended in 2009. Somehow I […]


How Are You Traveling?

Where are you going? What path are you following? I don’t mean right at this moment, and I do mean right at this moment! You or rather your life is in motion. Based on the choices we make we are moving toward something. We can either look forward, be preoccupied by the rear or try […]