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Are you ready to take a step?

Have you ever thought, how long must I wait? Have you asked, when will this situation change? I am in a season of developing more patience right now. I am learning more about trusting and relying on God. Not the kind of patience where you can see the item cooking in the microwave oven, you […]


Who do you love?

Well how was your Valentine’s Day? Did you get a super-sized floral arrangement? How about a box of candy or maybe both? Did you spend time at a restaurant or get treated to a special home cooked meal? Did you even realize it was Valentine’s Day last Thursday? One of my nieces is born on […]

Martin and Rosa

It’s February Let’s Celebrate!

This month is one with time set aside to honor presidents, African Americans and LOVE. There appears to be no controversy over acknowledging former Presidents Abraham Lincoln and George Washington – although one day is set aside to honor them both. Perhaps there would be far to many sales advertisements if the celebrations remained separate. […]

Deliberate Indifference!

As I write this blog it is not clear if it will be the Baltimore Ravens or the San Francisco 49ers that win. We will all know for sure by this evening when the Super Bowl XLVII goes in to the history books. Then all of the preparation, all of the planning all of the […]