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The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

THE Greatest Love Story Ever Told

We are now in that window of time where many are thinking about colored eggs, bunnies and flamboyant bonnets. What is on the menu has created dwindling store shelves in the supermarket and some left work early on Friday afternoon. There are several programs related to the Biblical account of Jesus Christ, either in production […]



Today we use, or rather misuse so many words. Have you noticed? There was a time when we studied a language and used the words available to express a thought or an idea. Words had somewhat universal meanings. Now we are able to string together all sorts of words, phrases and even sounds on text […]

Celebrate women 2013

Celebrate Women

March is International Women’s Month. The beginnings of this human rights celebration and advancement of women goes back to March 19, 1911 when the first International Women’s Day took place.  In 1913 the day changed to March 8th and in 1975 The United Nations recognized International Women’s Day. Today it is considered a national holiday […]

Praising God


Praises Go UP!! Hallelujah! These past few weeks have been packed with challenges for me. When I wrote about patience or faith a couple of weeks ago they both looked very much alike to me. My last blog about my zip line experience was a reminder of how much in a panic we can be […]


Zip Line Anyone?

Over this past week, as I stepped into new territory on my faith walk, I was reminded of my first zip line experience of many years ago. The corporation I worked for at the time was focused on leadership team building. This major corporation, one of the top Fortune 500 companies, was interested in improving […]