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Time to look back and move forward.

Today is the 181st day of 2013, the end of the sixth month of the year and early summer. As you look back on what you planned at the end of 2012 have you checked some things off your To Do list? So far the challenge for me has not been so much keeping to […]


Seeds = Growth Possibilities!

You are a farmer. What lies dormant inside you? Dormancy is a time when growth and physical activity are temporarily stopped. We are all gifted in numerous ways. Those gifts are deposited inside of us much like seeds; seeds that in the right conditions will grow and flourish. Seeds can remain dormant for a very […]

Father's Day 2013

How do you honor our Father?

Father’s Day. What does Father’s Day mean to you? What does it mean to me? First, I have to examine what father means to me. Thinking of my biological father brings a flood of memories. I remember him stating to my siblings and I the following, “I shoulda took you up by your heels when […]


Take Care

Are you taking care? Take care. An expression I am certain you have heard or used before. There are many ways to “take care”. Self-care is one approach for each of us to take care.  Are you taking care of yourself? Loving yourself means that you recognize your needs and honor them. What does it […]

Baby Stretch

Baby Stretch

Have you ever noticed how a newborn baby stretches? They really s-t-r-e-t-c-h! Their tiny hands are above their heads. Their elbows locked into position, little legs outstretched with unbendable torsos. Determination to lengthen every muscle, increase oxygen capacity of every blood cell and make room for imminent growth. Could it be that this physical action […]