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shame on you

SHAME on you!

Have you ever said that to someone? Has anyone ever said that to you? I remember as a young girl versions of the following being said about me, “Why is she so quiet?” or “She shamed to talk?” Being silent was often more pleasant than saying what I was thinking. Because of the environment in […]

Trayvon Martin

How will you respond?

The verdict is in on the case that has polarized individuals for more than a year. The loss of the life of Trayvon Martin. The speculation of what the jury would decide and how long it would take for them to come to that decision is all over now. Whether you voiced an opinion or […]

Woman Thinking

Have you ever?

Have you ever been talking to someone and they promised to do something for or with you, and the second that promise come out of their mouth you knew they would not keep it? Perhaps you got a feeling, or a small voice told you inside, “Not going to happen.”? Did you almost see Pinocchio’s […]