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Faith Requires Effort

  Maintaining faith in God takes more and more effort these days. We are living in an era when: enormous financial institutions have folded; major business partnerships have dissolved; an ever increasing number of marriages are crumbling; almost daily health concerns appear prompted by newly discovered  carcinogens; and governments are unable to keep pace with […]

Jaz knowing yourself

Know Yourself Companions Love Yourself

Know Yourself, Love Yourself Knowing yourself is part of loving yourself. Do you know yourself? Do you really love yourself? When you look at what is in your heart behind the smokescreens do you love what you know to be there? Do you know yourself? Recently I went to have lunch with my loving husband. […]

Bible Overview Resource

Add this tool to your library.(GDQQGACUVYXM)

An Excellent Bible Study Resource I discovered “Bible Overview” after stumbling onto   the Rose Publishing site. I have a number of Bible reference tools and was interested by the titles they offered and the claim of Bible Study Made Easy.  When I got a chance to review the book I was drawn in from the […]

Hair put a seven year-old out of school!

Can you remember back to when you were seven years old? What were your favorite toys or activities? What do you imagine the thoughts of a seven year old might be about school? Take a look at what Tiana Parker will probably reminisce about as she blossoms into a young lady, and beyond.   I […]

Knowing who you are is key to Happiness

What would happen if we understood operating in strength causes us to be happy?  What are your strengths? How do you apply what you know about yourself to live a better life? You are the expert on you. What would be the outcome if you loved you enough to operate in strength? What if we […]


Should you twerk?

Last week the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards created an uproar following the performance of Miley Cyrus punctuated by twerking. In case you missed it, or you want to refresh your recollection take a look at the abridged version of the segment featuring Ms. Cyrus Her exhibition of sexual innuendo and explicitness was received with […]