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It's your call

It’s Your Call

Very shortly the ball will drop at Times Square in New York, “Auld Lang Syne” will be sung and we will move to a new calendar year. We will close a chapter on our lives known as 2013. Most will have experienced new learnings, the dawning of new friendships, births, weddings, parties, and travel. Among […]

Give List

A Christmas Wish

  When you wish for something it is probably because you really want it. A Christmas wish is a special kind of a wish. Many have waited all year for that day to come so that they can get what they want and believe they deserve. The time spent wishing and hoping prevents many from […]

Disaster to Deliverance

Disaster to Deliverance

We are already at the end of another year! A time when we usually review performance over the year. Great ceremonies share the merits various categories. Review 2013 by taking a look at areas where you have excelled moving from disaster to deliverance. Turing the page of a calendar to another year is a mark […]

You Share DNA With Nelson Mandela

Over the past several days, we have heard much about Nelson Mandela. The Internet, print and televised media have flooded us with responses to news of his transition from this life. A vital fact that I have yet to see highlighted is that you share DNA with Nelson Mandela. Yes, whomever you are wherever you […]

Happy Holidays

Love You More This Holiday Season!

Getting through the holidays at the end of the calendar year can stretch us. The extra rich foods, the enticement of shopping and the encounters with family, can cause us to become tired. Not like you need more sleep tired; the like you need something significant to change in your life kind of tired. This year […]