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Let’s Bury the Dead Thoughts

Memorial Day brings thoughts of family; celebrations, gatherings, traditions, occurrences and those that have transitioned beyond this life. Thoughts related to feelings of love and loss surface. Some thoughts arise about dysfunction in family relationships. Choosing to dwell on the dysfunction depletes energy, which is better spent on loving yourself and others. Thoughts of the […]

How much pain do we cause God?

Recently I was struck by a thought that still has me pondering. Something I had never really thought of before. What if God has feelings like ours? Yes, I know He is perfect, He is in the spirit realm, He is omnipotent, He is omniscient, He is love, and yet we are made in His […]


End Mother’s Day Celebration

I am not one for spending a single day to celebrate life and love. I have an abiding belief that we are to endeavor to reflect love every day. On days like Mother’s Day I do agree it is a good idea to spend some time highlighting appreciation for mothers and mother figures. I am […]

a rose by any other name would smell as

A rose by any other name?

Today the word friend is used to describe an acquaintance, associate, or colleague. On social media platforms one can have millions of individuals they call friend. While we have accepted a diminished meaning of the word, our basic need for a compelling, intimate relationship based on common feelings remains ever-present. Yes, a rose by any […]