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Study to Show Yourself Approved

As we have moved through this season of graduations it was necessary for students to show themselves worthy to earn their diploma, certificate or degree. After presenting evidence the required criteria was met, as established by their respective academic institution, they earned the endorsement for the award. In some ways our individual life style reveals […]

Good Success

One of the fundamental issues we all deal with is control. The Monopoly board game allows us to control the flow of the game by acquisition. Several popular “reality shows” reward control of others attained by devious strategies. Both forms of control require one to dominate. We were designed to take dominion, which has been […]


Prayer is represented as a key to unlock doors. Some people pray that they will be victorious over others. Some pray that harm will come to others. What causes one prayer to be realized while another is not? If prayer is communication with God, why do some prayers appear to go unheard? Prayer is aligned […]