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Minding My Own Business

How often have you uttered the words I was minding my own business when all of a sudden…then the sentence is followed by the details of an event that probably included you feeling frustrated, angry or embarrassed. Where do the negative endings come from? Who’s responsible? If you could change these outcomes would you? I […]

Say What You Want To Say

Sara Bareilles and John Mayer are among the many songsters that urge in their lyrics, “say what you want to say”, or “say what you need to say”. These rallying cries have sold millions of DVDs, encouraged and validated multitudes.  As freeing as it may seem, there is a caveat.  Freedom comes with responsibility. What […]


Think On These Things

  There are so many stressors in our lives today. We intentionally guard against the impact of these influences on our lives, or they will find a way to rob us of the peace vital to an abundant life. We can choose our thoughts. Even making no choice, is a choice. We get to choose […]