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Clean Hands

As we come to the end of the time period known as 2015 we will notice reviews of the year. On a personal level we will replay many of the scenes that occurred during this season of our lives. Do you have clean hands? We will revisit victories and challenges that we have yet to […]

Study to Show Yourself Approved

As we have moved through this season of graduations it was necessary for students to show themselves worthy to earn their diploma, certificate or degree. After presenting evidence the required criteria was met, as established by their respective academic institution, they earned the endorsement for the award. In some ways our individual life style reveals […]

Desires of your

Desires of Your Heart

Today there are so many possibilities. Information travels around the world with such speed that we are exposed instantaneously. We can compare our lifestyles with those of others quickly via the Internet. Looking through the lens of the world, what do you cherish about your life and what are the desires of your heart? Take […]

Sacrifice of

The Sacrifice of Jesus

During this season there are many things on which to focus. Where I live the birds are singing. New blossoms are being seen, there is a feeling of renewal. Schools are releasing students for a break in their usual routines. Bright colors adorn store windows. Eggs and bunnies are everywhere. Fabric draped crucifixes abound too. […]


Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning your house may be a challenge, especially if things have gotten “out of control” since last spring. There are checklists to help you get organized as you clean your residence. I found a list that will help you to get the entire house organized in eight hours! I am going to use that […] Three Tips for Shaping 2014 to be Your Best Year yet!

Three Tips For Shaping 2014 to be Your Best Year Yet!

We are now almost two weeks into this year. It is already soon enough to see how it is shaping up. Most of the holiday hurriedness has dissolved. Friends and relatives have returned to their respective homes. You and I get to chart the course. We can determine what the end will look like by […]