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A Christmas Wish


Give List mapsandlanterns.orgWhen you wish for something it is probably because you really want it. A Christmas wish is a special kind of a wish. Many have waited all year for that day to come so that they can get what they want and believe they deserve. The time spent wishing and hoping prevents many from even going to sleep on Christmas Eve. That time will pass more quickly as you help others to realize a Christmas wish for them.

Letters are sent to the North Pole every year. Many red suits and white beards will adorn those claiming to bring the items placed on a wish list. Hints are dropped and orders issued about what one wants for Christmas. Do you have a Christmas wish? Perhaps you have several things on your wish list. As you anticipate delivery of the items on your wish list, how about meeting the needs of others, in the meantime.

None of us has everything. The poorest among us are rich in aspects of their lives. The richest person has lack in some areas of their lives. No one has everything.

Nate lacked belief in the one to whom he addressed his letter and forwarded his wished just the same.

Here is a copy of the actual letter to Santa from by Nick at Christmas:

Dear Santa




What do you believe?

Nate appears to be confused. He has asked, the one he perceives to be the giver to believe in him. Do you believe in God’s promises? What has He promised those who follow Him? Is you wish list in line with His will?

The word of God is profitable. When we seek out what He wants us to do, and actually do it we will reap benefits.  According to the word we reap what we sow.

Do you believe?

We are clearly, directly, instructed to love our neighbor as ourselves.

What’s love got to do with it?

Love is a verb, an action word. My definition of love is: Giving to someone at their point of need. The ultimate gift of love came from our Heavenly Father who is love.

Loving your neighbor does not mean that you overextend your credit line for opulent packages to place under a tree. Nor does it mean to force yourself to (with gnashed teeth) bear humiliation nor be verbally abused by those members of your family that choose to call their toxic words “being honest”. No, our loving Father has given us each areas of abundance; gifting. When you give to someone else out of your abundance and meet a need for them it is a win-win. Now that is loving your neighbor as yourself.

You may have an abundance of money you have maintained because of your financial acumen, then give from that abundance to those in need. Perhaps you are a very outgoing person and enjoy being around people, spend time with others that are in need of company. The nursing homes, hospitals and your neighborhood are filed with sick and shut-ins that are lonely. Do you have extra shoes in your closet? Do you have a listening ear? There are those that need to employ your listening ear.

What do you have that you can give to someone else? Whatever you are gifted with someone else needs. Indeed when we each give to someone else out of our abundance, everyone’s needs are met. That is the essence of love.

During this season of love and giving, fulfill a Christmas wish for someone else out of your abundance. As you give to another you honor and love God, you bless them and you are blessed.

Love your neighbor. Everyone can afford to love their neighbor. Do you believe?  Fulfill a Christmas wish, love your neighbor as yourself

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