Love Yourself


906211_445236585554455_861478524_oAre you struggling with issues related to forgiveness, self-esteem or jealousy?

Have you lost touch with who you really are?

Do you lack purpose in your life?

Are you ready for change?

Then you have arrived at the place of light on the path to purpose, peace and balance in your life! Love yourself and walk in purpose!


Here you will find maps to use in your daily walk that equip you to love your neighbor as you love yourself. Our Maker gave us that commandment so that we can live our best and highest life. The path to that life is illuminated here too. Discover more of who you are by reflecting on the love that resides inside of you,

Through transformational caocahing, using decades of experience and research will plant your feet firmly on the lighted path to the best you. We offer various times and options for group and individual sessions at an affordable price.

Take the time to put yourself at the top of your “To Do” list. When you are your best self all of your relationships, and the way you see your purpose will improve, become clearer, and more doable.

Feel free to contact Maps and Lanterns for more information. Isn’t it time for you to improve your life, by loving yourself and walking in purpose?