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It’s Time For Lemonade

The temperature is rising. School’s out for summer. Blockbuster movies, with high paid celebrities are being rolled out. There is a buzz in the air about leisurely travel. It’s time for lemonade! While school and some of our regular duties may be on hold, the complex issues that make living in this time frame fraught […]


Life’s Not Fair

Have you ever said, “life’s not fair?” Well, I have. I can not count the times students within earshot have uttered, “That’s not fair!” Usually proclaimed after someone has suffered what they think is an injustice at the hand of someone else. In response to those students I have often replied, “Life’s not fair.” Understanding […]


All About You

The way you treat someone is all about you. We are commanded to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. That command does not include liking behavior choices. As we encounter people, our mindset directs our behaviors. You have the ability to keep people on the love list rather than trying to move them back […]