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How much pain do we cause God?

Recently I was struck by a thought that still has me pondering. Something I had never really thought of before. What if God has feelings like ours? Yes, I know He is perfect, He is in the spirit realm, He is omnipotent, He is omniscient, He is love, and yet we are made in His […]

It's your call mapsandlanterns.org

It’s Your Call

Very shortly the ball will drop at Times Square in New York, “Auld Lang Syne” will be sung and we will move to a new calendar year. We will close a chapter on our lives known as 2013. Most will have experienced new learnings, the dawning of new friendships, births, weddings, parties, and travel. Among […]

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Love You More This Holiday Season!

Getting through the holidays at the end of the calendar year can stretch us. The extra rich foods, the enticement of shopping and the encounters with family, can cause us to become tired. Not like you need more sleep tired; the like you need something significant to change in your life kind of tired. This year […]

The Easy Yoke mapsandlanterns.org

The Easy Yoke Gets Rid of Baggage

The yoke pictured here is associated with the joining of two working animals that bear a heavy load. Humans frequently take on the role of beasts of burden. There is a way to carry a yoke that is easy. Envisioning humans being linked together in a device like this one may seem unthinkable however, when we can […]

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Stop the Insanity!

Insanity, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” the definition credited to Albert Einstein. None of us wants to be insane, by any definition of the word. Nonetheless this form of insanity is self-induced.  The carousel of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is what happens […]


A Life Without Purpose

Many people feel they live a life without purpose. They struggle with the job they have, the family they were born into and mostly see the philosophical glass as half empty. When it seems like everyone else gets all of the “good opportunities” and people believe they just get a hard way to go, what truth […]