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Float While Swimming in the Deep

We are moving into the season where more people will be spending time at the beach or in the pool. While my aquatic prowess in the flesh is not necessarily advancing I am achieving spiritually. We are all required to improve our ability to navigate spiritually. This is clearly put to the test while swimming […]


Think On These Things

  There are so many stressors in our lives today. We intentionally guard against the impact of these influences on our lives, or they will find a way to rob us of the peace vital to an abundant life. We can choose our thoughts. Even making no choice, is a choice. We get to choose […]


Thanksgiving–Reality and Truth

In just a few days the annual tradition of Thanksgiving will be upon the people of America. A celebration of bounty occurs in many areas of the world, called by different names. This year I plan to celebrate the truth rather than the reality of Thanksgiving. Straightforwardly I will celebrate with increased understanding of Thanksgiving—reality […]