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On Valentine’s Day, He Says, “Be Mine”

Besides the miniature heart-shaped candies with the term “Be Mine”, you have probably seen countless items emblazoned with that sentiment. There may even be diamonds and rubies along a gargantuan mass of cards and flowers handed out today, as a demonstration of love. On Valentine’s Day many people are looking for the invitation to “be […]


What Your DNA Says About You

With around one hundred dollars, plus shipping and handling in about two weeks you can have your individual DNA tested and get information about your relatives including distant cousins. I offer you a method that requires a different kind of investment. By the end of this article you will know more about what your DNA […]


Improving Your Love Life

Book sales in the genre of self-help indicate that people are reading and writing about ways to improve their lives. God has empowered us by our free will to choose the abundant life Jesus the Christ came to this earth to provide. We can improve our lives by following His commands. Those commands allow us […]

We Forget as we Move Through Life Mapsandlanterns.org

We Forget as we Move Through Life

We forget as we move through life. Walking through doors causes us to forget, according to the findings of a recent study published by Scientific American. The study suggests that when we walk through a doorway we forget details about things we carried with us from the prior room. The study had participants focus on […]