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On Valentine’s Day, He Says, “Be Mine”

Besides the miniature heart-shaped candies with the term “Be Mine”, you have probably seen countless items emblazoned with that sentiment. There may even be diamonds and rubies along a gargantuan mass of cards and flowers handed out today, as a demonstration of love. On Valentine’s Day many people are looking for the invitation to “be […]


What Your DNA Says About You

With around one hundred dollars, plus shipping and handling in about two weeks you can have your individual DNA tested and get information about your relatives including distant cousins. I offer you a method that requires a different kind of investment. By the end of this article you will know more about what your DNA […]


Mother’s Day; Joy and Pain

Mother’s Day causes me to think of many different people and emotions. Whatever you think of when contemplating Mother’s Day is a choice. Having emotions about the one that generally holds the emotional thread in the family is almost automatic. Being deliberate about what you do with those emotions will determine what you experience on […]


Mental Assent

Mental assent, sounds rather lofty, right? Perhaps a higher state of mind. Maybe a way of taking the “high road”. Something to aspire to, and stretch to achieve. Words have always been very important to me. Words represent our thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings, and lead to actions (or in some cases inaction). Contrary to how […]



When we constantly focus on remembering our misdeeds, it is like being frozen. Our interactions and relationships then have the added complication of an iciness that is a barrier to love. However, when we renew our minds it’s the warmth of love that melts the ice. On The Big Screen “Frozen”, a popular animated Disney […]



As a child I don’t remember having a vivid imagination. As an adult I understand more about traveling to another place and time while sitting in a comfortable chair, waiting in a long line or preparing for a less than favorable situation. Daydreaming, our ability to have the mental elasticity that allows us to mentally […]


All-Natural Versus Organic

  When we think in terms of all-natural versus organic it is sometimes difficult to decide what choice to make. When we examine the outcomes of our choices it becomes easier to make decisions. When making decisions we can use an all-natural mindset or our organic mindset, recognizing the difference absolutely contributes to the best […]