Here’s what people are saying about Maps  and Lanterns


“Love you! Thank you for sharing your gifts with me to help me live a better life. For helping me see things differently. The glass is half full, not half empty!”
Marta R.
“THANKYOU for your loving reminders about taking inventory and that yes, God has our sins covered and we can keep striving in his goodness to be more like Him.
Rita R.
“I am blessed by your insight, encouraged by your faithfulness. Thank you.”
Tamara H.
“I thank God for you!!!”
Florence L.
“Bless you for and from to whom you are a blessing to.”
Carol R.
The impact the Maps and Lanterns class had on my life was heart warming
Monique M.
Deborah is a Dynamic woman who has the ability to communicate to the heart.”
Valerie V.
Thank you Deborah you are a very special woman.”
Jamie W.
“Our meetings have really changed my life, I thank God for you!”
Merry S.