The Good News About Depression

We are all exposed to depression in one form or another routinely. Depression is devastating and real. It touches families and communities in tremendous numbers. Generally depression is not desirable. I offer the good news about depression. Depression that is, self-imposed, can be rewarding; that is good news. Perhaps you have been, or would classify […]


Where You Live is Important

There is a word that causes some to shutter, others to scoff and some to close their eyes and point an accusing finger. It is less than three letters long and describes a part of each of us. That word is sin. As long as we are unclear about sin we are unclear about its […]


Mother’s Day; Joy and Pain

Mother’s Day causes me to think of many different people and emotions. Whatever you think of when contemplating Mother’s Day is a choice. Having emotions about the one that generally holds the emotional thread in the family is almost automatic. Being deliberate about what you do with those emotions will determine what you experience on […]


All About You

The way you treat someone is all about you. We are commanded to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. That command does not include liking behavior choices. As we encounter people, our mindset directs our behaviors. You have the ability to keep people on the love list rather than trying to move them back […]

Yes, Compassion

This day marks a time when many will observe Easter, or Resurrection Sunday. Passover, Pesach, and Lent are also observed during this season. There is a common thread that crosses lines of various religious observances—yes, compassion. Religious or not, your life and the lives of those around you will be enhanced with the practice of, […]

Minding My Own Business

How often have you uttered the words I was minding my own business when all of a sudden…then the sentence is followed by the details of an event that probably included you feeling frustrated, angry or embarrassed. Where do the negative endings come from? Who’s responsible? If you could change these outcomes would you? I […]