Ignorance is Bliss


A line from a poem written by Thomas Gray in 1742 stated, “Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise”. If ignorance is bliss then is it foolish to be wise? Is it possible to be wise and in bliss? Can ignorance be foolish? Or is the statement made by Gray a true reflection […]


All-Natural Versus Organic


  When we think in terms of all-natural versus organic it is sometimes difficult to decide what choice to make. When we examine the outcomes of our choices it becomes easier to make decisions. When making decisions we can use an all-natural mindset or our organic mindset, recognizing the difference absolutely contributes to the best […]



Old Glory

Independence Day in the United States is commemorated on July 4th. There were fireworks, barbeques, plus the wearing of red, white, and blue everywhere. Many buildings, both private, and public were adorned with “Old Glory” this year. Where did “Old Glory” originate and why is it important for us today as we strive to live […]

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Study to Show Yourself Approved

As we have moved through this season of graduations it was necessary for students to show themselves worthy to earn their diploma, certificate or degree. After presenting evidence the required criteria was met, as established by their respective academic institution, they earned the endorsement for the award. In some ways our individual life style reveals […]

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A Good Cry

Have you ever just wanted to cry? I think having a good cry releases emotions we have pushed aside. There are benefits that we can experience by being at a place where we recognize that all is not lost even as we shed tears. I know shedding a few tears is going to do some good. Well, […]

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Good Success

One of the fundamental issues we all deal with is control. The Monopoly board game allows us to control the flow of the game by acquisition. Several popular “reality shows” reward control of others attained by devious strategies. Both forms of control require one to dominate. We were designed to take dominion, which has been […]

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Pay Your Debt

You may have zero financial debt however, you do owe something. No matter what your accountant sees when reviewing your monetary records you, and I, still owe something. According to the word of God we all owe. The blessing is the debt God refers to is one we are able to pay, regardless of our […]

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Prayer is represented as a key to unlock doors. Some people pray that they will be victorious over others. Some pray that harm will come to others. What causes one prayer to be realized while another is not? If prayer is communication with God, why do some prayers appear to go unheard? Prayer is aligned […]

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Let’s Bury the Dead Thoughts

Memorial Day brings thoughts of family; celebrations, gatherings, traditions, occurrences and those that have transitioned beyond this life. Thoughts related to feelings of love and loss surface. Some thoughts arise about dysfunction in family relationships. Choosing to dwell on the dysfunction depletes energy, which is better spent on loving yourself and others. Thoughts of the […]

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How much pain do we cause God?

Recently I was struck by a thought that still has me pondering. Something I had never really thought of before. What if God has feelings like ours? Yes, I know He is perfect, He is in the spirit realm, He is omnipotent, He is omniscient, He is love, and yet we are made in His […]

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