Peaks and Valleys

Experiencing a low point in your life right now? Have you just overcome major obstacles or are you trying to pull out of a long slump? Do you view this time in your life as a peak or a valley? We all have ups and downs. The difference is your focus as you go through […]


Your bottom line?

  We are at that time of the year when we are likely to reflect on the past twelve months with awe or regret. The criteria used to determine success or failure reveals a vital picture of your bottom line. We are to judge how we treat others. What’s the bottom line for you? You be […]


The Impossible

There is power in the words we use. Impossible is a word whose concept can close our thinking to innumerable possibilities that impact our lives and those of others. When we are able to acknowledge the miracles of God we are able to see that the only impossibility is for God’s promises to fail. By […]

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Thanksgiving–Reality and Truth

In just a few days the annual tradition of Thanksgiving will be upon the people of America. A celebration of bounty occurs in many areas of the world, called by different names. This year I plan to celebrate the truth rather than the reality of Thanksgiving. Straightforwardly I will celebrate with increased understanding of Thanksgiving—reality […]

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What leaves a bitter taste in your mouth? Dental or gum problems, dehydration, medication or various other things can cause a bitterness in the mouth. When we hold negative feelings and emotions we harbor bitterness in our hearts that is distasteful to God. It undermines our relationship with Him. Eradicate the bitterness. Deadly Bitterness According […]

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Confession is Good for the Soul

We have probably all heard the axiom, “Confession is good for the soul”. However, as an accepted truism what does it really mean? Understanding what we believe is vital to living our best life. Getting to the core of our beliefs gives us powerful awareness. If indeed we have a choice why not make the […]

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People Who Need People

From the introvert to the extrovert, we all need people. We were wired to relate to others, it is in our DNA. We have multiple transient relationships in a lifetime. How we handle these relationships is our individual responsibility. Over time relationships change, the ebb and flow of life creates new opportunities for people who […]

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Usually voiced in response to some unwanted comment or as a way of negating something said, whatever, is the theme song of many. Often followed by one party either physically or mentally exiting the conversation.  When God uses whatever we need to draw closer, listen, and take action. Like other words the original meaning of […]

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I venture to guess peace, and the quiet associated with it, are sought out universally. In the fast-paced, media rich world most of us live in, an extremely rare commodity is, quiet. Finding ways to achieve and enjoy quiet will add precious moments in this stress-filled routine we share. When I hear the term peace […]

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We get caught up in the busyness of living. It is difficult to know how to schedule everything. Often the items on anyone’s “To Do” list are impossible to get done in one day! When we prioritize our schedules properly we can get the most out of our daily 86,400 seconds. Here are some ways […]

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