Matters of the Heart

Along with the concept of love comes the topics of forgiveness, and repentance, these are all matters of the heart. When we are able to understand these real connections we can be more deliberate in living our best life. These matters of the heart are able to forcefully separate, or galvanize, depending on how they […]

Help Spread the WORD…

As the thousands of Maps and Lanterns readers are aware, this platform is not routinely used to request donations. However, these caring, dedicated, godly women are most certainly deserving of such support. Your donations will help spread the WORD! Please soberly consider the request, and with an open heart, cheerfully give as you can. Take […]

Thank You!

There are so many times that the words thank you do not seem like enough. There is also nothing like a heartfelt thank you. The practice of being thankful has medicinal properties. Thankfulness inspires, motivates, rewards, and connects. That connectedness relates to well-being. With Thankfulness Thank you adds to our lives. An attitude of thankfulness […]

The Answers

Where are all of the answers? Are they in a search engine? Perhaps Google. Are they in a library? In a book? Are they in a think tank somewhere? Would the list of the 10 highest IQs in history reveal the one with all of the answers? What about the list of the top 500 […]

Sitting on the Bench

An action as simple as sitting on a bench makes a tremendous difference depending on when and why the action takes place. In this fast-paced world of working hard, playing hard and getting ready for the next season of the same, we do not often stop to have important conversations. As a result things not […]