Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Our spiritual attributes, much like our physical characteristics are highly visible and apparent to an observer. The content of a heart can be seen in the way a person behaves; their habits, and responses. Actions speak louder than words! Work Ethic and Performance What does your work look like? What are your works? Actions speak […]

Clean Hands

As we come to the end of the time period known as 2015 we will notice reviews of the year. On a personal level we will replay many of the scenes that occurred during this season of our lives. Do you have clean hands? We will revisit victories and challenges that we have yet to […]

Christmas Soul Food

One way I express love to myself is through music. When that music helps me to give praise to God it is another way I connect with Him. My Christmas soul food does not add to my waistline nor does it create any dirty dishes. Music nurtures my soul. It soothes. It expresses emotions. It […]

Give Thanks

Although I have had a relationship with God for decades, over the past eleven or so months I have experienced God’s love in new ways. His mercy, His glory; more than I could ask or think. I give thanks. As the memories of the emotional and physical places I have traveled during this season in […]