Usually voiced in response to some unwanted comment or as a way of negating something said, whatever, is the theme song of many. Often followed by one party either physically or mentally exiting the conversation.  When God uses whatever we need to draw closer, listen, and take action. Like other words the original meaning of […]




I venture to guess peace, and the quiet associated with it, are sought out universally. In the fast-paced, media rich world most of us live in, an extremely rare commodity is, quiet. Finding ways to achieve and enjoy quiet will add precious moments in this stress-filled routine we share. When I hear the term peace […]




We get caught up in the busyness of living. It is difficult to know how to schedule everything. Often the items on anyone’s “To Do” list are impossible to get done in one day! When we prioritize our schedules properly we can get the most out of our daily 86,400 seconds. Here are some ways […]

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  Intimacy is desired and sought after. We hear the term describing sex. Whatever the word brings to mind for you likely rests on your definition of intimacy. It is a basic need for each of us to have intimacy, difficulties arise when there is a lack of true intimacy. We were designed to have […]

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Mental Assent

Mental assent, sounds rather lofty, right? Perhaps a higher state of mind. Maybe a way of taking the “high road”. Something to aspire to, and stretch to achieve. Words have always been very important to me. Words represent our thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings, and lead to actions (or in some cases inaction). Contrary to how […]

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Domestic Violence

All of the recent focus on domestic violence may cause us to point fingers. Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Jonathan Dwyer, Roger Goodell and Hope Solo are among those being singled out for their behavior. What if everyone involved in such a situation was named? Would your name be among them? How can relationships be rescued […]

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When we constantly focus on remembering our misdeeds, it is like being frozen. Our interactions and relationships then have the added complication of an iciness that is a barrier to love. However, when we renew our minds it’s the warmth of love that melts the ice. On The Big Screen “Frozen”, a popular animated Disney […]

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Consider the Ant

Summer is quickly passing and winter will arrive soon. As I look beneath my feet on this beautiful southern California day, in the grass I see ants. I remember a quote from the book of Proverbs directing us to “consider the ant and be wise”. I decided it was time for me to consider what […]

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“It isn’t where you came from; it’s where you’re going that counts.”

Ella and Ruth lived in different times and had some very different challenges yet their lives illustrate the assessment, which Ella was quoted to have uttered, “It doesn’t matter where you came from; it’s where you’re going that counts.” Let’s explore where they came from and how they made their lives count. Ella Born in […]

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God Speaks

We are being impacted by messages from everywhere. Our minds are overloaded by stressors we cannot even identify. What if there was a reliable source of peace, and nurturing also present that we could readily tap into at will, would you use it? God speaks, His words are the answers to life’s questions, and the […]

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