Help Wanted

Ever been in a situation where you really needed help, but could not bring yourself to ask for it? Help is a four letter word that many of us have an aversion to. Being able to seek out and yield to available help is probably the greatest indication of strength. We are not less than […]


Backward Mapping

Every day miracles have been on my mind a great deal during this past week. I have tried to observe the miracles and number them. I found that to be a formidable task. Instead I decided to look at what focusing on those miracles brings to my life. I found my faith increased and my […]


The Miracle Worker

“The Miracle Worker” was a celebrated movie in 1962, and is still enjoyed by audiences today. The plot of the story is an expression of love and perseverance that results in triumph. Each of us is part of a story that is filled with love, perseverance and triumph. Our lives move so very fast today, […]

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Given the multiple ways we can connect with others, displays there is a general desire to associate with others. Meetup, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook are just a few of the connectors. Those with whom you fellowship makes a distinct difference in your life and theirs. With whom do you fellowship and why? Think about that for […]

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God Willing

“If it’s God’s will”, “God willing, and the Creek don’t rise”, “I believe it’s God’s will”. You have probably either heard or uttered one of those phrases, or heard the song. Sometimes God’s will may seem fuzzy. How can we be more in tune to what God would have us to do? How can we […]

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Smoke and Mirrors

As we put 2014 to bed most of the awards and accolades for the year have been presented. The most recent sobriquet, which will no doubt be recorded in our collective history, “The Year of the BUTT”. Yes, you read it correctly, Year of the BUTT! Last year was the year an overwhelming amount of […]

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Past, Present and Future

No right thinking individual sets out to live a life without purpose. However, when we deliberately fail to focus on our purpose for being on this planet we establish patterns that likely lead us away from the reason we were born. Understanding how our past, present and future connect reveals how we can live our […]

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To Resolve or not to Resolve, is not the Question—how? is the Question

As we move into the second week of 2015 are you on course with the resolutions you made? Did you make any, or are you contemplating when to start your new plan for the new year? Is this another opportunity for you to make an empty promise to yourself, because it is one you will […]

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Silence Speaks Volumes

It is so like Almighty God to speak to us through our experiences in life. Indeed He is the best special needs teacher revealing relevant lessons every day. I learned a tangible lesson this week about taming my tongue. Perhaps my experience will help you to connect the dots for your exam too. Silence speaks […]

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True Value

While we may debate whether time exists and if it is an event or a thing, we possibly can agree that when calendars approach the end of another year we all participate in reflection. This week as I shared in the exercise I began to think about the true value of the commodity known as […]

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