David and Goliath


One of my favorite Bible stories is David and Goliath. The slaying of the giant Philistine before those that doubted God and David’s ability is a clear example of God’s power. There are numerous lessons to be gained from the encounter of David and Goliath. We do well by responding to God’s will, reflecting on […]

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The Sacrifice of Jesus

Sacrifice of Jesus_Mapsandlanterns.org

During this season there are many things on which to focus. Where I live the birds are singing. New blossoms are being seen, there is a feeling of renewal. Schools are releasing students for a break in their usual routines. Bright colors adorn store windows. Eggs and bunnies are everywhere. Fabric draped crucifixes abound too. […]


Lifelong Learner MapsandLanterns.org


I find it interesting when I realize new learning. Reflecting on how the pieces came together is an intriguing part of the process for me. This past week I gained insight about my expectations and my stress level. Both of which relate to how I love myself and others. Being a lifelong learner, living in […]

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Earthquake mapsandlanterns.org

Prepared for the BIG One?

Over the past several days the Southern California area has endured numerous tremors. As an Angeleno I have had much experience with earthquakes. It has been years since this number of quakes were identified in so few days. A family member in the La Habra epicenter area counted several dozen waves in about 24 hours. […]

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Spring_has_sprung MapsandLanterns.org

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning your house may be a challenge, especially if things have gotten “out of control” since last spring. There are checklists to help you get organized as you clean your residence. I found a list that will help you to get the entire house organized in eight hours! I am going to use that […]

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Listen to your body www.mapsandlanterns.org

Listen to Your Body

This past week I spent at least two days in bed, fatigued, complete with fever. My performance, on daily activities declined to around 10%; at best. I self-diagnosed the flu, and various other maladies.  Not sure what it was, but after several days I am back and better! Listening made the difference for me. My […]

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Thelma & Louise MapsandLanterns.org

“Thelma & Louise”

The description of the movie Thelma & Louise states “An Arkansas waitress and a housewife shoot a rapist and take off in a ’66 Thunderbird.” As last week closed on International Women’s Day I watched the 1991 movie starring Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis. I was thinking about the irony of its then message as […]

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An Eye For An Eye Mapsandlanterns.org


An eye for an eye. What exactly does that mean? Someone hurts you, you get to hurt them back. They spread a lie about you, you get to spread a lie about them. They drag out your dirty laundry and place it on display, you do the same in return. They ensnare you with a […]

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Change your mind change your life Mapsandlanterns.org

Change Your Mind Change Your Life

  Behavior is not without reason or cause. Our behavior is a product of the thinking, feelings, emotions, actions and habits that we honor, that we own. If there are behaviors in your life that you want to change, then change your mind, change your life. What closely held thoughts have you believed to be […]

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Expressions of Love mapsandlanterns.org

Expressions of Love

Love is in the air! The smell of chocolate has intensified, vendors with red and white flowers and heart-shaped trinkets seem to be everywhere I look. This is a time when many people measure those that love them by what they get on February 14th. You may have overloaded on chocolates or perchance you are […]

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