What Your DNA Says About You

With around one hundred dollars, plus shipping and handling in about two weeks you can have your individual DNA tested and get information about your relatives including distant cousins. I offer you a method that requires a different kind of investment. By the end of this article you will know more about what your DNA […]


We Are Teaching Children

While many classroom teachers will experience a hiatus for the next several weeks from their typical environment their students remain in the classroom of life. No matter what your vocation you are a teacher too. Your daily actions, as they unfold before the eyes of a child provide lessons for them to learn. You are […]

Expressions of Love on Father’s Day

God’s transforming love can overcome all! As a young girl I endured unspeakable things at the hand of my earthly father. Today, I am at a place where God has shown me how to overcome the hurt with love. Today, I am able to recognize the good in my earthly father. This Father’s Day I […]


The Illusion of Knowledge

There is a great deal of pressure on everyone to be ”in the know”. Knowledge is potentially a search away on any of the multitude of devices available to us today. The short term benefits of having some knowledge may prevent the long term gains of acting wisely. The illusion of knowledge can cause us […]


Float While Swimming in the Deep

We are moving into the season where more people will be spending time at the beach or in the pool. While my aquatic prowess in the flesh is not necessarily advancing I am achieving spiritually. We are all required to improve our ability to navigate spiritually. This is clearly put to the test while swimming […]


Improving Your Love Life

Book sales in the genre of self-help indicate that people are reading and writing about ways to improve their lives. God has empowered us by our free will to choose the abundant life Jesus the Christ came to this earth to provide. We can improve our lives by following His commands. Those commands allow us […]


The Good News About Depression

We are all exposed to depression in one form or another routinely. Depression is devastating and real. It touches families and communities in tremendous numbers. Generally depression is not desirable. I offer the good news about depression. Depression that is, self-imposed, can be rewarding; that is good news. Perhaps you have been, or would classify […]