Life Coach

What is a life coach?

I have been asked many times what a life coach is. Today it appears “life coach” is a catch all term that has become overrun with individuals filling various roles.

A life coach is one that is able to help individuals define their gifts and talents. Everyone has gifts or talents. These areas of life or tasks that we perform with near excellent execution on a regular basis with ease and pleasure. They are functions that we each can improve upon however, these innate qualities are part of our characteristics from birth. We generally know what gifts we have, yet because of negative messages (both internal and external) or lack of validation, these gifts go unnoticed or fail to be utilized appropriately.

When we honor those gifts they light the path to our purpose here.

Much like an athletic coach notices the strengths of the athlete and offers ways to bring out the best in them as they perform in their chosen field, so does a life coach work in conjunction with an individual. No one can determine what your gifts are without your input. The process of coaching allows an individual to get the benefit of the coach’s guidance and match it with their abilities to create the optimum performance.

God has connected each of us and made us creatures that desire to love and be loved. When we honor how our Creator made us, we walk in purpose, walk in love and operate in strength.

My role as a life coach is to guide you, as we work together to operate in strength.

God has gifted me with the ability (the gift) of assisting others to identify and honor their gifts. I started successfully doing this long before the current wave of life coaching came along. It is how I honor my gift and, the Creator that gifted me. Thereby loving God and my neighbor as myself.

Purpose, Peace, and Balance

Are you ready to take charge of your life, manage stress, achieve goals, honor your gifts, live in strength and purpose? Then you are ready to partake of the services offered through Maps and Lanterns. When we truly love ourselves our approach to life allows us to set proper goals and boundaries that lead us to the highest life, walking in our purpose.

Maps and Lanterns provides:

  • Individual coaching in person where women meet and confidentially deal with just about any life issue. Sessions range from once a week to once a month, and also allow for connection via phone or email between meetings.
  • Cyber coaching for those that are short on time or who need more flexibility in scheduling. Sessions are held via, email, phone and Skype.
  • Group coaching is available as well. You can form your own group or sign up to be notified when new groups are forming.These sessions also allow for connection between sessions via phone and email.
  • Custom packages can be put together to fit your schedule and budget, or to fit the needs of your organization.
  • Retreats, conferences, and speaking engagements are also available.

Coaching Fees:

  • Individual sessions (once a week)………………………………. $100.00 Per session
  • Individual sessions  (once a month)……………………………. $275.00 Per session
  • Group sessions (minimum of 3 people) ……………………….. $75.00 Per session
  • Custom packages ……………………………………………………………… By arrangement

Sessions are considered to be 50 to 55 minutes. Feel free to call 323 786 3094 or  for details on services provided. Services are provided by Deborah Talley, M.Ed. through the nonprofit organization Integral Opportunities Corporation.

Invest in yourself, you are worth it!