“In God We Trust”, Really, or do we Have Trust Issues?

We know that people have trust issues, right? What is the real issue around trust? In America you will find that proffer emblazoned on our currency, since 1864. Strong Christian beliefs held by the country’s founders are credited with dictating that a connection be shown to the basis of their trust. Over these many years since then does this nation hold the same values? What about you, in what do you trust? What is worthy of your trust? Is trust an issue for you?

The commitment required to establish the words “In God We Trust” on coins in the 1800s was significant.  In 1956 “In God We Trust” became our nation’s motto. President Dwight Eisenhower approved a joint resolution passed by Congress declaring “In God We Trust” must appear on American currency. Clearly the individuals that enacted such legislation were focused on declaring the association of “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (affirmed in the United States Declaration of Independence) with God. Said liberties they reportedly had journeyed to America in search of.

Those individuals, had an understanding that trust in God was a concept worthy of declaring and keeping before each of us regularly. Today we probably see those words far less than decades ago when buying and selling did not involve as much use of plastic cards and electronic devices. A dollar bill, changing hands at least once a day would result in being touched by about 1,000 people within its lifespan of about three years. Adding use of coins to that figure and bills of other denominations would increase that number. Repetition is a good way to remember information. So repeated exposure to the phrase “In God We Trust” probably helped to keep the principle of trusting in God in the forefront of our minds.

What is Trust?

Synonymous with trust is faith or having a firm belief in someone or something. Being able to bank on someone being there for us is the ultimate level of trust. When we begin to think about why we have issues around trust, what comes to mind? Trust issues go back as far as our memory of relationships. Our parents and family of origin was likely the seed that grew into the first notions we have of trust.

Being born into an imperfect family with flaws and living as an imperfect individual with flaws, it is not easy to develop a concept of what trust looks like. With much pain, the doubt and betrayal that result from misplaced trust is learned. Vulnerability is linked to trust; without it we cannot know that we trust. Patterns develop where vulnerability leads to betrayal, which in turn weakens out desire to trust in others. Then instead of seeking what we wish to find, we sometimes look for situations to validate the negative outcomes we dread. We become part of new unhealthy relationships or derail those that could grow healthier over time if they were properly watered and nurtured.

Healthy relationships are built upon trust. The ability to rely on someone to care for our needs or consistently respond in ways that help us is what trust is all about. Relationships at work, in business, or with family, friends, spouses, children, parents, neighbors and so forth are strongest when mutual trust is present.

Love and Trust

We can trust without love, but can we love without trust? Who or what do you trust? Really, when you are in that moment of having done all you know to do and you see that you need help, where, to whom do you turn? When you need a moment to collect your thoughts or get away from the pressures of day-to-day living, what is your place of retreat? On whom do you rely? From whom or what, do you gather your strength?

Our loving Father, God, is love. (1John 4:8) We were made in His very image. (Genesis 1:26) He knows how we were wired. He knows what causes us to live the best life. He admonishes us to seek Him first and all of His righteousness and whatever we need will be added. (Matthew 6:33)

Can you trust in God? Yes! Will you trust in God? That is a question only you can answer. It is a capacity possessed by all. So you get to choose. The Bible is filled with stories of people like you and I. Some chose to trust in God. Others did not. Do you have trust issues that cause you to think you only have a slim choice between a rock and a hard place?

Do you have trust issues? Could it be that you have misplaced your trust. Our God is infallible, He sees the whole picture. He knows you, He made you. Whatever it takes for you to humble yourself and trust Him more fully, it is worth it. On that you can rely. We have been told to be of good cheer for He has overcome it all. (John 16:33) When we truly trust in God, we rely on Him, we rely on His word, and we rely on His promises. He is available to each of us.

Take Inventory and Take Action! Where is your commitment? We are to allow our valuable lives to proclaim in every encounter, in every relationship, to all, “In God We Trust”!



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