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Soft Opening, Planning for Good Success

Why not try a soft opening this year? As we quickly approach the dawning of 2018, aside from thinking about how quickly this year seems to have advanced, I am taking inventory of my actions over the past year. What went well? What could I do better and what opportunities do I have to improve? […]


Making a List and Checking it Twice, Planning for a Better Year

  As we come to the end of 2016 it is wise to take some time to reflect. We probably have as many if not more concerns than we had last year at this time. I am making a list and checking it twice; over the next several days! My list has nothing to do […]


Clean Hands

As we come to the end of the time period known as 2015 we will notice reviews of the year. On a personal level we will replay many of the scenes that occurred during this season of our lives. Do you have clean hands? We will revisit victories and challenges that we have yet to […]

Mapsandlanterns.org Three Tips for Shaping 2014 to be Your Best Year yet!

Three Tips For Shaping 2014 to be Your Best Year Yet!

We are now almost two weeks into this year. It is already soon enough to see how it is shaping up. Most of the holiday hurriedness has dissolved. Friends and relatives have returned to their respective homes. You and I get to chart the course. We can determine what the end will look like by […]

It's your call mapsandlanterns.org

It’s Your Call

Very shortly the ball will drop at Times Square in New York, “Auld Lang Syne” will be sung and we will move to a new calendar year. We will close a chapter on our lives known as 2013. Most will have experienced new learnings, the dawning of new friendships, births, weddings, parties, and travel. Among […]


Seeds = Growth Possibilities!

You are a farmer. What lies dormant inside you? Dormancy is a time when growth and physical activity are temporarily stopped. We are all gifted in numerous ways. Those gifts are deposited inside of us much like seeds; seeds that in the right conditions will grow and flourish. Seeds can remain dormant for a very […]



As you are working on those goals you established a few weeks ago how are you doing? Approaching week three of my plan to walk thirty minutes per day, for at least five days a week, I must admit, I am off track! I started pretty strong the first week. I moved away from my […]