Change your mind change your life

Change Your Mind Change Your Life


Change your mind change your life

Behavior is not without reason or cause. Our behavior is a product of the thinking, feelings, emotions, actions and habits that we honor, that we own. If there are behaviors in your life that you want to change, then change your mind, change your life.

What closely held thoughts have you believed to be truth that upon examination were later revealed as out of alignment with truth? Have you ever seen others engage in an activity that you thought you could not tackle only to find later that you were able to excel at the same activity you had avoided?

Have you deliberately changed your mind from a limiting belief to a liberating freedom? Change your mind, change your life.

Been There Done That

As a young child, I had a fear of flying in an airplane because I thought it was dangerous. Air travel was not a desire of mine. That thinking was supported by my environment, in fact those thoughts were generated by my parents. I behaved in a way that maintained those thoughts as truth.

As a child, according to my thoughts, violence, chaos, alcohol abuse and incest were present in everyone’s life. 

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

I have since found that air travel is safer than so many other things I do on a daily basis. There is a greater chance that any one of us would expire from cardiovascular disease than the dangers associated with commercial air travel.

I have come to the truth which allowed me to forgive my parents. I was free to seek truth and thereby seek God. I was able to have a relationship with God, even as a child, which allowed me to know His love and protection.

Children are given the ability to connect with God. Jesus made mention of the humility of children. He spoke of the greatest in the kingdom of heaven being whosoever would humble themselves as children.

God responded to my desire to seek Him by giving me the comfort of a relationship with Him and His word. As I searched for that truth He gave. He gave me truth that transformed my life from victim to victor beginning with my thoughts.

I now have renewed thoughts about my childhood and my life. My behavior supports my thoughts of God’s sovereignty. I continue to seek Him and His way of doing and being right.

Who is your neighbor?

He has commanded us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Even in Biblical times as Jesus walked the earth people asked Him about, who is my neighbor? I believe this was an attempt to validate the thinking that the command related to only certain people in certain terms. If neighbor is limited to proximity or open to various interpretations then we can restrict our love.

When Jesus was asked His answer was clear and direct.

Who is your neighbor? How are you to treat them? What does it prove to treat those that treat you well with love?

When we extend kindness to those that do not treat us kindly we are following the love commandment.

Do you find your thoughts being occupied by someone that has violated your trust or your kindness toward them?

Instead of spending countless hours trying to figure out why they do what they do, because there are reasons, use that time in a more loving way. Pray for them. Pray for their well-being and health. No, I am not saying that it is easy. That is what makes it a great act of love! It does not mean that you are to open yourself to be more vulnerable to them.

Simply exchange that time of thinking about how much you don’t like them to time spent praying for them. Change your mind, change your life.

The word of God promises benefits to whosoever follows His commandments. Are you a whosoever?

As I showed love to my parents, even as a child I received God’s truth, evidence of His love and protection and freedom to escape the fear that is ever present in the maze of darkness created by hate.

I have been blessed to share Maps and Lanterns with others. As I share my path continues to be illuminated with His truth and love.

Thoughts that limit us do not come from God. Seek His will and His word for truth!

Take Inventory and Take Action! Change your mind, change your life!



“Lighting the path to loving your neighbor as yourself.”